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Our certificates are accepted at nearly any supermarket in America

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We are gladly accepted at all major supermarket chains and even small country grocery stores all over the USA.

The only known exceptions anywhere in the U.S. are those that do not accept ANY coupons, such as Costco, Sam's, Aldi, and QFS Stores.  (Our certificates are not accepted in Canada or other countries.)

How do we do this?

  • Many years of positive relationships with grocery stores
  • Annual pre-selling of our program to supermarket chain headquarters and wholesalers
  • Consistent promptness in reimbursing retailers for redemption costs
  • Quick and positive response to retailers' questions and concerns
  • Credibility that comes from our efforts to prevent coupon fraud

OK let's be honest: Despite everyone's best efforts there will always be the rare grocery store cashier who is unfamiliar with our certificates. (Maybe she is new or missed training day.) These situations are quickly resolved by involving the store's front-end manager. And our telephone number is on the back of every certificate in case there are questions.

It's only getting better:  Years of positive and honest dealings with grocery stores have made our certificates broadly familiar and welcome. And this is only improving with time.









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