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Compare the Perfect Feast® gift certificate program with the Butterball® gift check program:

More value for the money: For the same amount of money a customer can get a larger turkey with our program.  This is due to the higher retail price of Butterball turkeys, which are almost always the highest priced of the popular brands.  Striving to get the most competitive feature prices, retailers will usually feature other brands at the lowest sale prices.  The bigger the difference between these sales prices and Butterball prices the greater our value advantage becomes.

For example, if the Butterball turkey is sold at $1.29 in the supermarket (a typical feature price for Butterball), a $15 certificate would only get a 12 lb turkey.  In contrast, our $15 certificate could get a 17-22 lb turkey (at average Nov-Dec retail feature prices of $.69-$.89/lb).  Even if some of your employees get a Butterball or other expensive turkey, overall our program will still be a far better buy for your money.

Following are other comparisons of our program with Butterball's:

     Perfect Feast® gift certificates:     Butterball® gift checks:

Gift Certificates offered:    •Turkey (whole bird or breast)
•Choice of Turkey or Ham
•Beef Steaks
    Turkey (any turkey product)

Brands accepted:    Any brand - always     Butterball® only

Where accepted:    Any U.S. supermarket     Only supermarkets carrying Butterball®

Type of certificate:    Coupon     Check

Certificate maximum values:    Any amount $10 to $30
    Any amount up to $50

Lead time - Credit card orders:    Can ship within 24 hours (often same day)     Do not accept credit cards

Lead time - Orders paid by check:    Can ship within 24 hours (with a phone call)     Must wait several days for check to arrive, then 7-10 days more to process order

Lead time - Orders on account:    Can ship within 24 hours (often same day)     Do not offer credit;
must pay by check

Credit terms:    Net 30 days (no minimum order size)     Butterball does not offer credit;
must pay by check

Tax implications*:    Non taxable;
May qualify for IRS de minimis exclusion.
    Taxable as income to the recipient; May NOT qualify for IRS de minimis exclusion.

Personalized customer service:    Always gives the personal touch, (Gift certificates are all we do!)     Big corporation (Gift checks a small portion of the business)



*Talk to your tax attorney to see how the IRS de minimis exclusion applies in your particular circumstances.

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