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Compare the Perfect Feast® turkey gift certificates with those of Norbest®:

More value for the money: For the same price you can get a larger turkey with our program.  This is because the Norbest certificate, instead of having a maximum dollar value like ours, has a maximum weight limit.  So for example, at anticipated average retail turkey feature prices this holiday season between $.69 to $.89/lb, our $15 certificate (costing you $15.50) could get a 17-22 lb turkey. In contrast, a comparable price for a Norbest certificate would only get you a 12 lb turkey.

Our value advantages continue with the following comparisons vs. Norbest:

  Perfect Feast® Norbest®

Gift Certificates offered: •Turkey (whole bird or breast)
•Choice of Turkey or Ham
•Beef Steaks
Turkey (whole bird only)

Brands accepted: Any brand - always Norbest, or any brand if Norbest is unavailable

Where accepted: Any U.S. supermarket Any U.S. supermarket

Coupon maximum values: Your choice - any dollar amount
(Prefered by supermarkets;
fewer redemption problems)
No maximum values; sold by weight of turkey
(Confusing to supermarkets; more redemption problems)

Lead time - Credit card orders: Can ship within 24 hours
(often same day)

Lead time - Orders paid by check: Can ship within 24 hours
(with a phone call)
Must wait several days for check to arrive

Lead time - Orders on account: Can ship within 24 hours
(often same day)
May require several days to approve credit

Credit terms: Net 30 days
(no minimum order size)
Net 15 days
($1,000 minimum order)

Payment methods / Pricing: Pricing the same regardless of payment method Pricing for credit card orders is higher than for orders paid by check.

Personalized customer service: Always the personal touch
(Gift certificates are all we do!)
Big corporation
(Gift certificates a small portion of the business)




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