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Better than retailer gift cards        Don't buy gift cards


Better than retailer gift cards!

Instead, buy Turkey or Ham gift certificates
(Good on any brand at nearly all US supermarkets)

Combination Turkey or Ham gift certificates

Perfect Feast® turkey, ham, or combination turkey/ham gift certificates - Better than retailer gift cards!
Click here for a side-by-side comparison of our gift certificates vs retailer gift cards.

  • A more personal and emotionally impactful gift:
    - Seen as a turkey or ham rather than a cash equivalent as are retailer gift cards
    - Personalized with your company name as the giver
    - May be personalized with the recipient's name (optional, no charge)
  • Good at any grocery store anywhere in the USA, not just at the retailer who issues a gift card.
  • May qualify for the IRS "de minimis" exclusion, meaning they are not taxable to the recipient and may be claimed as a business expense by the employer.  Gift cards do NOT meet the requirements for de minimis. Click here for more details.
  • Good on ANY brand, including national brands and private labels.
  • Good on refrigerated or frozen, packaged or fresh from the meat counter.
  • Good for a free turkey or ham up to any maximum dollar amount which you select between $10 and $30.
  • Easier than gift cards to handle and distribute - You need no programing or accounting for redemption - We do it all for you.
  • Easy instructions appear in both English and Spanish on a perforated tab attached to every certificate.



Our gift certificates are better than retailer gift cards!






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