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Better than gift baskets!

Buy our Turkey or Ham gift certificates
(Good on any brand at nearly all US supermarkets)

better than gift baskets

 Perfect Feast® turkey, ham, or combination turkey/ham gift certificates - Better than gift baskets!

  • Good for either one whole turkey or one turkey breast or one ham. Unlike gift baskets, recipients may choose the product they prefer, at the time and place that's most convenient.
  • Good on ANY brand, including national brands and private labels.
  • Accepted by virtualy all supermarkets in the USA.
  • Good for a free turkey or ham up to any maximum dollar amount which you select between $10 and $30.
  • Far easier than gift baskets to handle and distribute.
  • Gift certificates are dollar bill size (6" x 2.75"), much more convenient than gift baskets!



Our gift certificates are better than gift baskets!






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