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PFR Corporate Gifts LLC specializes in gift certificates as holiday gifts for employees and customers and as promotional incentives.  We offer turkey, ham, combination turkey-or-ham, and beef steaks gift certificates that are accepted in supermarkets throughout the USA.

PFR Corporate Gifts LLC is led by Paul F. Reed, president (whose marketing management career includes Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble, Senior Product Manager at Sara Lee, and Director of Marketing at Norbest, Inc.), Jason D. Taylor, VP & general manager, and Andrew L. Reed, VP of Sales.

Paul managed the Norbest gift certificates program for over 19 years at Norbest, Inc. until 2006.  For the next three years PFR Corporate Gifts, Inc. was the exclusive agent for Norbest® gift certificates. In April, 2009, the relationship with Norbest was discontinued, allowing us to offer considerably superior service to our customers using our own gift certificates.  Since then our certificates have come to be gladly accepted by virtually all supermarkets in the USA.

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