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Advantages of our gift certificates vs retailer gift cards:


     Perfect Feast® gift certificates:     Retailer gift cards:

Personal and emotionally impactful gift?    Perceived as a turkey or a ham     Perceived as a cash equivalent


• Shows your company as the giver

• May be personalized with the recipient's name (optional, no charge)

    Gift cards are not personalized

Where accepted:    Any U.S. supermarket     Only at the retailer who issues the gift card

Tax implications*:    Non taxable*;
May qualify for IRS de minimis exclusion.
    Taxable as income to the recipient; Do NOT qualify for IRS de minimis exclusion.

Personalized customer service:    Always give the personal touch (Gift certificates are all we do!)     Gift cards are a small portion of the business.


Please call or email with any questions about how our gift certificates are better than retailer gift cards:

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*Talk to your tax attorney to see how the IRS de minimis exclusion applies in your particular circumstances.



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