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Advantages of our gift certificates vs giving actual turkeys or hams:

 Companies who have used actual turkeys or hams as holiday employee gifts know what a worrisome bother this is... heavy items that must be kept refrigerated and that are so problematic to buy, store, and distribute. Our gift certificates solve these problems while still giving a gift that employees appreciate just as much, if not more. And often your cost is substantially lower. Compare these advantages: 

     Perfect Feast® gift certificates:     Real turkeys or hams:

More convenient for the giver    Simple paper certificate, easy to handle; May be included in your pay envelopes     Heavy; Difficult to handle, store, refrigerate, and distribute

More convenient for the recipient   

Easy and safe to handle; May be redeemed where and when most convenient

    Heavy; must be concerned about handling, storage, and refrigeration

More satisfied recipients    Recipient always gets the brand, size, and type of product he prefers; Good on any brand, any variety.     Recipient must accept whatever he is given

Liability & food safety    No concerns     Needs refrigeration; concerns about injuries if dropped

Payment terms    30-day terms or credit cards accepted     10-15 day terms common among poultry suppliers

Order lead time    One business day     Long lead time for large orders

IRS de minimis exclusion    Qualify     Qualify

$$ Cost    Substantially lower; take advantage of low retail loss-leader sales prices     Higher; must pay current market prices

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