Turkey Gift Certificates

Perfect Feast offers an easy way for you to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication.

A corporate turkey gift certificate is a perfect, cashless, tax-exempt solution that your employees will love and thank you for.

Please Note: You can order any of our gift certificates up to any maximum cash value between $10 and $50 (in whole-dollar increments). However, your price will be $.50 more than the maximum value you choose.

Perfect Feast® turkey gift certificates:

Good for one whole turkey or one turkey breast.

Good on ANY brand, including national brands and private labels.

Good on refrigerated, frozen, packaged, or fresh from the store meat counter.

Good for One Whole Turkey or Turkey Breast

When rewarding your employees, few experiences provide more satisfaction than a sentimental company gift. With turkey coupons or a turkey voucher, you can deliver a tax-free gift that your staff can use around holiday periods, especially Thanksgiving, since it can be used to purchase a Thanksgiving turkey.

There are lots of reasons why you should choose turkey gift certificates over lots of gift checks and other corporate gifts:

  • Each one has a meaningful and personal touch
  • Convenient for your employees to use them when and where they wish
  • Customizable with your Company name or even a color logo to add brand awareness.

Each turkey gift certificate equates to either a whole turkey or a turkey breast. Alongside using them as a holiday corporate bonus, you can also give them to your employees as a promotional incentive throughout the year. When purchasing turkey gift certificates, you are providing your employees with an enjoyable and convenient reward. Accepted for virtually any brand of tukey, the turkey gift certificates for employees are redeemable at grocery stores across the nation making redemption easy on the next trip to your favorite grocery store.

This turkey gift certificate is better than other turkey gift cards or turkey coupons because it can be used for any turkey product, including deli turkey meat, bags of frozen turkey breast, an entire bagged turkey, turkey lunch meat, and even ground turkey from most brands at local grocery stores.

As an employer, taxation of gifts is always a topic of conversation. When you give a corporate turkey gift certificate, you are gifting a potential De Minimis Fringe Benefit elligable item meaning you should not incur taxes. If enjoying a tax-free gift is crucial to you, consult with your company accountant before purchasing a turkey gift card.

If you aren’t sure whether your employees eat turkey, we also offer ham vouchers and combination turkey or ham coupons. The ham combo certificate allows each employee to choose whichever option they want.

Specifications of our corporate turkey gift certificates:

  • Your company name or logo appears on the “compliments of:” line of each gift certificate.
  • On the “bearer” line, we can print the word “Bearer” or leave it blank for you to fill in, or we can personalize each certificate with the recipient’s name (optional, no charge).
  • Easy instructions appearon a perforated tab attached to every gift certificate.
  • Gift certificates are dollar bill size (6” x 2.75”).
  • Certificates come four per 8.5” x 11” page, perforated for easy separation.
  • For maximum security, certificates are printed on check-protect security paper, serially numbered, and include a pantograph that displays “VOID” when copied, faxed, or scanned. Our certificates are never distributed on the Internet.
  • Good on ANY brand, including national brands and private labels.
  • Good on any variety: refrigerated or frozen, packaged or fresh from the meat counter, or sliced from the deli.
  • Accepted by nearly all supermarkets in the USA. The only exceptions are those that do not accept any coupons, such as Costco, Sam’s, and Aldi.
  • Good for one item of the specified product up to any maximum dollar amount that you select between $10 and $50 (in whole dollar increments). Cashback is NOT given for any unused amount.
  • Your price is $0.50 more than the maximum face value you select.

Frequently Asked Questions – Turkey Gift Certificates

Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:

How do I customize my turkey coupons?

Perfect Feast Corporate Gifts will add your company’s branding and message to the turkey certificate for free. With a simple, free-of-charge service, you have the opportunity to add a personal touch to each item. Additionally, Perfect Feast Corporate Gifts will add recipient names free of charge.

What size turkey should I buy?

The size you choose should depend on the person who is receiving the gift. If you know they have a large family, you may want to opt for an entire turkey so that everyone can benefit. Doing so is especially important during festive periods.

Alternatively, you may want to choose the turkey size according to the nature of your bonus incentive. For example, those who hit higher targets could receive bigger turkey coupons. No matter which size you go with, the turkey gift check will be a memorable gift that helps your employees enjoy a holiday meal with their loved ones.

When will my order ship?

Your order will usually ship within one business day. Depending on where you live, your turkey voucher will arrive within one to 10 business days. You can make your turkey gift certificates arrive faster by choosing specific shipping options, which usually come with an additional charge. For example, US Postal Service is free, whereas overnight express costs an additional $20 for your corporate turkey gifts to arrive promptly. For more information on shipping options, check out our extensive list of frequently asked questions for buyers.

Why give a turkey gift certificate?

Gift certificates for a whole turkey or ham to use for a Thanksgiving or other holiday meal can be a practical and thoughtful gift for employees for several reasons:

  1. Inclusivity: Turkey certificates are a popular choice because they cater to a wide range of dietary preferences and cultural backgrounds. While not everyone may celebrate the same holidays or have the same food traditions, a turkey certificate allows employees to choose the turkey product that best suits their preferences and traditions.
  2. Practicality: Food is a basic necessity, and holiday meals can be expensive. By providing employees with a turkey gift card, you’re offering them something practical that can help alleviate the financial burden of preparing a special meal. This can be especially appreciated during times when budgets may be tight.
  3. Flexibility: Turkey certificates give employees the flexibility to use them when it’s most convenient for them. They can choose to use the turkey gift certificate for a holiday meal, a special occasion, or even as a contribution to their regular grocery shopping.
  4. Symbolic Gesture: Providing employees with a turkey gift certificate can be seen as a gesture of appreciation and care during the holidays. It symbolizes your recognition of their hard work and contributions to the company, which can boost morale and foster a positive workplace culture.
  5. Inclusivity: Turkey gift checks can be appreciated by a diverse workforce, regardless of religious or cultural background. It’s a gift that can be enjoyed by employees celebrating different holidays, making it a neutral and inclusive choice.
  6. Ease of Distribution: Distributing physical turkey gift certificates is relatively easy and can be done through various channels, such as email or in-person distribution, during a company event or holiday party.


However, it’s essential to keep in mind that while turkey gift certificates can be a thoughtful gift, they may not be suitable for everyone. Some employees may have dietary restrictions, cultural preferences, or other reasons for which they may not fully benefit from a turkey certificate.

Therefore, it’s a good practice to offer alternatives or allow employees to choose from our range of gift certificate options, such as a ham gift certificate, if possible, ensuring that the gift is meaningful and appreciated by as many employees as possible.

What if I have employees who don’t eat turkey?

To ensure inclusivity and cater to the diverse preferences of your employees, we offer a range of gift certificate options beyond turkey certificates. Recognizing that not everyone celebrates the holiday season with the same traditions or dietary preferences, we provide the choice of general grocery certificates, turkey or ham gift certificates, ham gift certificates, beef steak gift certificates, or even ham, turkey, or fruit and vegetable certificates as alternative gifts so everyone can get the perfect gift.

This approach allows each employee to select a gift that resonates with their individual tastes and cultural backgrounds. Whether it’s a succulent ham for a festive centerpiece, a juicy beef steak for a special dinner, or fresh fruits and vegetables to promote a healthy lifestyle, our goal is to make the holidays enjoyable and meaningful for everyone on your diverse team. We believe in celebrating differences and providing options that align with employees’ unique needs and preferences, fostering a sense of family, belonging, and appreciation during this special time of year.

Is a turkey voucher good for holiday gifting?

Turkey vouchers for employees can be a thoughtful and practical holiday gift check program for many people, but its appropriateness depends on the individual preferences and circumstances of the recipient. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when deciding if a turkey gift certificate is a good holiday gift:

  1. Audience: Consider the preferences and dietary restrictions of your audience. While many people enjoy a holiday turkey, some may have dietary restrictions (e.g., vegetarian or vegan), cultural preferences, or allergies that make a turkey gift certificate less suitable. It’s essential to be mindful of the diversity of your employees or recipients.
  2. Practicality: A turkey voucher can be a practical gift for employees or individuals who could benefit from assistance with their holiday meal expenses. It can help ease the financial burden of preparing a special meal during the holiday season.
  3. Inclusivity: If you want to ensure inclusivity, consider offering a choice of gift options to accommodate different preferences. This way, recipients can select a gift that suits them best, whether it’s a turkey coupon, a vegetarian alternative, or another type of grocery gift certificate.
  4. Personalization: Consider personalizing the gift by including a heartfelt note or card expressing your appreciation. Personal touches can make the gift more meaningful.
  5. Timing: Ensure that the distribution of turkey vouchers aligns with the holiday season. Distributing them a few weeks before Thanksgiving and the holidays can give recipients ample time to plan and use them for their Thanksgiving dinners or other holiday meals.
  6. Company Culture: Assess your company culture and whether a turkey coupon aligns with your organization’s values and traditions. Some companies may have a long-standing tradition of providing holiday gift checks, while others may have different practices or preferences.
  7. Alternatives: If you’re uncertain about the suitability of turkey vouchers, consider offering alternative gift choices or a range of options to cater to diverse preferences and needs.


A turkey gift certificate can be a good holiday gift for some recipients, especially if it aligns with their preferences and dietary choices. However, it’s essential to be mindful of the diversity among your employees or recipients and consider offering alternative gifts or choices to ensure inclusivity and a thoughtful holiday gifting experience.