Fruit and Vegetables Gift Certificates

Perfect Feast offers an easy way for you to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication.

A corporate Fruit and vegetables gift certificate is a perfect, cashless, tax-exempt solution that your staff will thank you for.

Please Note: You can order any of our gift certificates up to any maximum cash value between $10 and $50 (in whole-dollar increments). However, your price will be $.50 more than the maximum value you choose.

Fruits and Vegetables

Perfect Feast® fresh fruit and vegetables gift certificates:

Good for fruit and/or vegetables. Your employees or customers may choose the product they prefer.

Good on ANY brand, including national brands and private labels.

Good on refrigerated, frozen, packaged or fresh from the produce aisle.

Specifications of our corporate Fruit and Vegetables Gift Certificates:

  • Your company name appears on the “compliments of:” line of each gift certificate.
  • On the “bearer” line we can print the word “Bearer” or leave it blank for you to fill in, or we can personalize each certificate with the recipient’s name (optional, no charge).
  • Easy instructions appear in both English and Spanish on a perforated tab attached to every gift certificate.
  • Gift certificates are dollar bill size (6” x 2.75”).
  • Certificates come four per 8.5” x 11” page, perforated for easy separation.
  • For maximum security, certificates are printed on check-protect security paper, serially numbered, and include a pantograph that displays “VOID” when copied, faxed, or scanned. Our certificates are never distributed on the Internet.
  • Good on ANY brand, including national brands and private labels.
  • Good on any variety: refrigerated or frozen, packaged or fresh from the meat counter, or sliced from the deli (one package only).
  • Accepted by nearly all supermarkets in the USA. The only exceptions are those that do not accept any coupons, such as Costco, Sam’s, and Aldi.
  • Good for one item of the specified product up to any maximum dollar amount which you select between $10 and $50 (in whole dollar increments). Cash back is NOT given for any unused amount.
  • Your price is $0.50 more than the maximum face value you select.