Beef Steak Gift Certificate

When you need corporate gifts for valued clients or employees, you want world-class quality in a memorable package. What could be more memorable than the centerpiece of a fabulous meal—a juicy, fresh beef steak?

The thing is, when your client is half a continent away, you can’t send a fresh steak. Only a frozen one—and at an astronomical price.

You don’t want to spend all that money and have your client receive a pack of stale, freezer-burnt meat. That’s why beef steak gift certificates make the best choice for corporate gifts—any time of the year.

Please Note: You can order any of our gift certificates up to any maximum cash value between $10 and $50 (in whole-dollar increments). However, your price will be $.50 more than the maximum value you choose.

Beef Gift Certificate

Perfect Feast® beef steak gift certificates:

Good for beef steaks

Good on ANY brand, including national brands and private labels.

Good on refrigerated or frozen, packaged or fresh from the meat counter.

Redeemable for Any Brand of Beef Steak

Unlike those other gift meat companies, you can give client and employee a gift they’ll love - delicious beef steak - at an affordable price.

Whether you need holiday food gifts or gifts for other occasions, you won’t have to overspend your gift budget. And best of all, your recipients will receive fresh, delicious beef steaks.

The secret’s in the certificate. With Perfect Feast® beef steak gift certificates, your recipients can select their own steak from a grocery store near them.

Beef Steak Gift Certificates - Quality Gifting Made Easy

No guessing, no freezer burn, no thawing time. Just fresh, local steak bursting with flavor—and ready within minutes. Freshly cut from the meat counter, if you like.

National brands. Private labels. Even the grocery store butcher’s finest selections.

And no cheap fillers-in packages. With frozen meat companies, most packages (unless they’re priced higher than a first-class ticket to Paris) contain only a few steaks. The rest are lower-quality meats—like pork chops or even hamburger.

Those aren’t great holiday food gifts. Your employees and clients eat that every day of the week!
But a gift certificate for any brand of steak—even the best of the best—that’s a gift your employees and clients will rave about for years.

Or - The Perfect Employee Gifts

The best thing about these gift certificates for employee gifts is that you won’t have to buy them yourself, pack them in ice, or bring them to work.

All you’ll need to do is to hand your employees a holiday card, a birthday card, or an envelope. Tuck the gift certificate inside—and voila! The perfect gift solution.

The size of a dollar bill, these certificates are easy for your employees to keep in their wallet or purse. Just like cash—only better, because they’re just for delicious, tender steak.

Specifications of Our Beef Steak Gift Certificates:

  • Your company name appears on the “compliments of:” line of each beef steak gift certificate.
  • On the “bearer” line we can print the word “Bearer” or leave it blank for you to fill in, or we can personalize each certificate with the recipient’s name (optional, no charge).
  • Easy instructions appear in both English and Spanish on a perforated tab attached to every beef steak gift certificate.
  • Beef Steak gift certificates are dollar bill size (6” x 2.75”).
  • Beef Steak certificates come four per 8.5” x 11” page, perforated for easy separation.
  • For maximum security, certificates are printed on check-protect security paper, serially numbered, and include a pantograph that displays “VOID” when copied, faxed, or scanned. Our certificates are never distributed on the Internet.
  • Good on ANY brand, including national brands and private labels.
  • Good on any variety: refrigerated or frozen, packaged or fresh from the meat counter, or sliced from the deli (one package only).
  • Accepted by nearly all supermarkets in the USA. The only exceptions are those that do not accept any coupons, such as Costco, Sam’s, and Aldi.
  • Good for one item of the specified product (Beef Steaks) up to any maximum dollar amount which you select between $10 and $50 (in whole dollar increments). Cash back is NOT given for any unused amount.
  • Your price is $0.50 more than the maximum face value you select.

Wrapping Up Your Gifting

With Perfect Feast’s beef steak gift certificates, gifting is as easy as it gets. Delight your employees and clients with a gift of juicy beef steak from Perfect Feast today.

Beef Steak Certificate FAQs

Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:

Question #1: How do I customize my Beef Steak Coupons?

Whether you want corporate gifts for employees or gourmet gifts for clients, Perfect Feast can customize your gift certificate with your logo and contact information.

Not only can Perfect Feast make sure they know it’s you, but they can know you care about them when you request our team to print your recipient’s names on each certificate.

Question #2: What size beef steak voucher should I buy?

Although you can choose whatever dollar amount you’d like, it’s a good idea to check the steak prices in the area where your recipient lives. Make sure that your gift is large enough to purchase a whole steak.

Question #3: When will my beef steak order ship?

Perfect Feast can ship your order within one business day after you order. However, we cannot guarantee shipping time.

Depending on where you live, it can take up to ten days, depending on your shipping method and location. To learn more about the fastest shipping option, look at our full list of frequently asked questions.

Especially during the holiday rush, we encourage you to order as soon as possible.

Question #4: How will my recipients know which stores will accept these beef steak vouchers?

Almost every supermarket—except those who don’t accept coupons at all—will accept these gourmet gift beef steak vouchers. If a checkout clerk is unfamiliar with Perfect Feast, the store manager can help your recipients redeem their beef steak certificate.