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Frequently asked questions from retailers who redeem gift certificates (coupons) from PFR Corporate Gifts, LLC

How can I be sure that we will be reimbursed for redeemed certificates?

We guarantee reimbursement for legitimate gift certificates redeemed by you in accordance with the terms listed below that appear on the back of each coupon:

We will reimburse you for the actual retail price up to the limit indicated plus 8¢ postage and handling provided it is redeemed at the time of purchase on the product specified and within the expiration date shown. Valid for any brand. Certificates not properly redeemed will be void and held. Reproduction of this certificate is expressly prohibited. Any other use constitutes fraud. Bearer is responsible for costs over the redemption value of this certificate, and for any applicable taxes. Void where taxed or restricted. Limit one certificate per item purchased.

Retailers across the country have been redeeming our gift certificates successfully with almost no problems.  Our programs are well funded.

It is always in our best interest that our retail partners are satisfied and successful with our coupons.  Our long-term success is built upon repeat business, which only happens as retailers accept the certificates and our mutual customers have pleasant experiences redeeming them. 

As our gift certificates bring people into your stores we hope they will add substantially to your holiday sales and profits.



What do the certificates look like?

To view color facsimilies of the front and back of the Perfect Feast™ gift certificates click here:
Turkey Certificate Facsimile.

To view color facsimilies of the front and back of the Perfect Ham™ gift certificates click here:
Perfect Ham™ Certificate Facsimile.

To view color facsimilies of the front and back of the Perfect Feast™ combination turkey/ham gift certificates click here:
Combo Turkey/Ham Certificate Facsimile.

To view color facsimilies of the front and back of the Perfect Beef™ steaks gift certificates click here:
Beef Steaks Certificate Facsimile.


What if we don't carry your brand?

Please accept the coupons anyway.

All our gift certificates are always good on ANY brand.


What should our cashiers know about the gift certificates?

Please instruct your cashiers to accept the gift certificates. Please remind them that the certificates are manufacturer coupons, good on ANY brand, and that they must write in the retail price in the box on the back of the certificate.

Written instructions for your cashiers and for your cash office can be downloaded here:

Cashier Instructions in PDF format


Can I process the certificates through my coupon clearing house?

Yes -- The gift certificates are manufacturer coupons and should be handled as such. All major coupon clearing houses are very familiar with our certificates.


What if the certificate holder wants an item larger than the limit on the certificate?

No problem. They will need to pay you the difference to cover the total price.

How can we get the word out that our stores accept the coupons?

Send us an email at and we'll add you to the list. We want you to be successful with our gift certificates, and hope they bring additional business to you!


What is the dollar limit of the certificate?

All our gift certificates have a maximum dollar value stated on the face of the coupons.  They are good for up to that maximum value off the price of the product.




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