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Frequently asked questions - How to redeem our gift certificates:

You can redeem your gift certificates easily at any supermarket.  Select the item you want (any brand) and redeem your gift certificate at the checkout stand. 

If you or the store manager have any questions please contact us at 801-569-2381.  This number appears on every certificate.

Following are some questions frequently asked by recipients of our gift certificates.  If your question is not answered here please email or telephone us.

Where can I redeem your gift certificates?

You can redeem your gift certificates at virtually any supermarket.

Select the item you want (any brand), take it to the checkout stand, and present your certificate to the cashier. It's that simple!

You can redeem our gift certificates for any brand, and for any variety (fresh or frozen, pre-packaged or from the meat counter.  Turkey certificates are good on either whole birds or breasts.


What stores in my area carry your product?

You don't need to worry about this -- Our gift certificates are good on ANY brand, and you can redeem them at virtually any supermarket.


What if the supermarket doesn't carry your brand?

You don't need to worry about this -- Our gift certificates are good on ANY brand and you can redeem them at virtually any major supermarket.


What if the store won't accept the certificate?

This is rare, but we can help. Sometimes a new cashier unfamiliar with our gift certificates may not redeem them. If you talk to the store manager he will usually authorize it.   But if not, call us immediately -- We'll talk to the store manager and have the situation resolved quickly while you are still in the store. (Our phone number is on the back of all our gift certificates.  We are available 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. mountain time Monday-Friday.)


What if I want a larger item than the gift certificates are good for?

No problem -- When you redeem the gift certificates you will just have to pay a modest amount at the cash register out of your own pocket to cover the difference.


Will I get cash back if I don't use the full maximum value of the certificate?

No.  The certificate is good for one item UP TO the maximum dollar value stated on the certificate and any unused value is forfeited. 

During the holidays turkeys are used by supermarkets as "loss leaders", meaning they are put on sale at feature prices often far below what they cost the store.  This helps draw customers into the store where they make up the loss on other items the shopper buys.  Average retail turkey features in November-December are especially low, meaning the maximum value of the certificate you received may be more than you need.

On the other hand, some may prefer a more expensive brand or an organic or free range turkey which is more expensive.  Or perhaps you will use the certificate after the holidays when turkeys are not on sale.  In some of these cases you may need to pay the difference at the cash register.

Why does the certificate have an expiration date?

We must put expiration dates on our gift certificates to limit our liability and to avoid problems with state unclaimed property laws.

But we try to be very generous with expiration dates. Normally our holiday gift certificates expire the end of Apirl, giving you several months and at least two major holidays to redeem your certificate.  Those issued at other times of the year normally expire on December 31, allowing you more time and several holidays when you can redeem it.

Turkey, ham,  and beef steaks are a wonderful treat for any occasion. Frozen product can be purchased during the holidays or at other times when they are on special and held frozen for months. So don't put off using your gift certificates -- Be sure to redeem them before they expire.

Special note:  Several states have laws restricting the use of expiration dates on gift certificates.  However, most exclude gift certificates like ours that are accepted at multiple retailers (as opposed to retailer gift cards which are good only at that store).  Others also exclude gift certificates you redeem for food products.  If you have a question about the laws in your state give us a call.




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