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Frequently asked questions for buyers who order our gift certificates:

Will my employee get cash back if he doesn't use the full value of the certificate?

No.  The certificate is good for one item UP TO the maximum dollar value stated on the certificate and any unused value is forfeited.  For this reason we encourage our customers to be very careful about the dollar value they select:

During the holidays turkeys are used by supermarkets as "loss leaders", meaning they are put on sale at feature prices often far below what they cost the store.  This helps draw customers into the store where they make up the loss on other items the shopper buys.  Average retail turkey features in November-December are $.69 to $.89/lb, meaning a $15.00 gift certificate could get a turkey 17-22 lbs, which would be sufficient for all but the largest family gatherings.

On the other hand, some of your employees may prefer a more expensive brand or an organic or free range turkey which is more expensive.  Or he might get his turkey after the holidays when they are not on sale.  In these cases a lower value certificate may be insufficient and the employee would need to pay the difference at the cash register.

So the size of certificate you select depends upon your own best judgement about the needs of your organization, your budget, and the preferences of your employees.  Our experience has been that most people will get the lower priced turkeys, and those who want a more expensive brand do not mind paying the difference.  So you may decide the highest value certificates are not appropriate for you.

In some cases giving two lower value certificates may be better than one large one; for example, two $10 certificates instead of one $20 certificate.

What size should I buy?

Turkeys:  A mid-range size turkey (16-18 lbs, costing $15-$20) should be sufficient for an average size family gathering.  Plan on about one pound raw weight per person.  Also be aware that during the holidays turkeys are put on sale, often with very low prices.  This November-December average retail feature prices are expected to be in the $.79 to $.99/lb range.  This means that our $15 certificate could get a turkey 15-19 lbs (or even larger if feature prices are lower, as they often are), large enough for all but the largest family gatherings.

Hams:  Gift certificates for $20.00 should be sufficient for hams large enough for average size families.

Steaks:  Choice grade steaks normally cost $8-$12/lb.  Order $25-$30 certificates for an average size family.

Many companies order larger sizes to show their more generous side and to be sure larger families will have enough.  On the other hand, if your budget is limited the recipients can use smaller gift certificates and pay the difference themselves at the cash register if they need a larger product.

To see the size and pricing options available click on the "Options & Pricing" menu button at the upper left.

Where can the recipients redeem the gift certificates?

At virtually any supermarket in the U.S.A.

They are good for any brand in any store. This is stated clearly on the front and back of all gift certificates, along with our telephone number should the store manager have any questions about this policy.


What about my employees or customers that live in outlying areas?

Our gift certificates are perfect for your situation! They can be redeemed at any supermarket anywhere in the U.S.A.  The certificates are good on any brand.

How can we get help if a store won't accept the gift certificates?

This is rare, but we can help. Sometimes a cashier unfamiliar with our program will deny the certificate. Asking to talk to the store manager resolves the problem in most cases. But if not, a quick call to us almost always does. (Our phone number is on the back of all our  gift certificates.) We will talk to the store manager, resolve his concerns, and hopefully the certificate holder can walk out with his product without any embarassment.

To help prevent this problem we extensively pre-sell the program to all major supermarket chains in the U.S.A. each year and provide them written instructions they can use to educate new cashiers. After more than 20 years of experience working with us most retailers are very cooperative.


Why do the gift certificates have an expiration date?

We must use expiration dates to limit our liability and to comply with state unclaimed property laws.

However, we try to be very generous with this. Holiday gift certificates will normally expire at the end of the month of Easter, giving the recipient several months and at least two major holidays in which to use it.  Certificates issued at other times in the year normally expire December 31, allowing several holidays when the certificate can be used before it expires.

Although several states have laws regulating coupon expiration dates, nearly all exclude gift certificates like ours which are accepted by multiple retailers (as opposed to retailer gift cards which are good only at one specific retailer).  Other states also exclude food products.  Call us if you have concerns about your specific state.


How does the IRS look upon gift certificates as employee gifts?

Our gift certificates used as employee gifts will normally qualify as "de minimis" fringe benefits not taxable as income to the employee. If so, you can deduct the cost as a non-wage business expense. This is true because they can be applied only to a limited choice of one type of item.

On the other hand, cash in any amount and other gift certificates redeemable for a significant variety of items (for example, a retailer's own gift card or gift certificate), or certificates allowing a cash back option, do not qualify for the de minimis exclusion and must be reported as income to the employee.

For more complete details see  our free article about tax benefits of gift certificates. Consult your tax attorney or accountant to see how the IRS de minimis rule applies in your circumstances.


What if I didn't order enough gift certificates and need more at the last minute?

We can usually process a rush order for more gift certificates in time to meet your deadlines. If it was an honest mistake we'll even give you the same quantity discount on your fill-in order (but we may need to charge you for overnight shipping).  If you find yourself in this predicament please give us a phone call.


What if I bought too many gift certificates? Can I return them?

All sales are final. As a general rule we will not issue credit for unused gift certificates nor re-issue them with longer expiration dates. If you feel your circumstances warrant an exception give us a call.


What are my payment options?

We accept credit cards, checks, and orders on account (30-day credit terms with approved credit, with no minimum order).

Credit Card: Perhaps the easiest way to buy is to go to our secure online order page and pay with a credit card.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.  (There is no additional charge for credit card orders.)

Check: You can download our order form, fill it out, and mail it with your check to the address on the form.

On Account: With approved credit we can invoice you on 30-day terms. You can mail or fax your order form or telephone us.

If you are mailing a check or are purchasing on account but need your order quickly, give us a phone call -- we'll likely be able to ship your gift certificates the same day you call.

How long will it take to get my order?

We can ship your order within one business day, plus shipping time to deliver it to you (one to ten days, depending on your location and chosen shipping method).

Please indicate on your order the date by which you need the certificates. We do not have control over the post office or other delivery services, so we can't guarantee delivery by that date, but we will do our very best. If there is any problem meeting your date we will contact you immediately.  If time is of the essence you may want to specify overnight shipping.

Shipping charges are as follows:
• US Postal Mail or UPS Ground..... No charge
• Second day express.... $15.00
• Overnight express.... $20.00
• Or you can specify your own UPS or FedEx account number for shipping.

Rush orders for fill-ins (or for procrastinators) can usually be accommodated.

Please get your order in as early as possible!


Can I pick up my gift certificates at your office?

If you are located in the Salt Lake City area we will try to accommodate same day "will call" pick-up for you.   However, we cannot accept walk-in orders without advance notice.  Please call ahead to allow us time to prepare your gift certificates for you.




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