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Coupon Redemption Policy

Coupon Redemption Policy
Updated July 06, 2012

This Coupon Redemption Policy and the legal copy on our coupons state the terms and conditions under which PFR Corporate Gifts, LLC will reimburse retailers for coupon submissions (“Policy”). Your acceptance and redemption of our gift certificates constitute your acceptance of and binding agreement with all the terms and conditions for reimbursement in this Policy. It is the retailer’s responsibility to ensure its employees are aware of and in compliance with this Coupon Redemption Policy.

1) Coupons are redeemable only in the United States of America and Canada, only when consumers purchase the product indicated prior to the expiration date, and are redeemable on any brand.  Coupons are void where prohibited, taxed or restricted by law; or when reproduced or altered.

2) Retailers must submit coupons for reimbursement within three (3) months after the expiration date of the coupon.

3) Only one coupon may be accepted by the retailer per item purchased. The consumer must pay any and all applicable taxes. Coupon cash value 1/100¢.

4) For each properly redeemed coupon, retailers will be reimbursed for (a) the retail selling price of the item, up to the maximum amount indicated on the coupon; (b) a handling fee of 8 cents per coupon; and (c) reasonable postage not to exceed $5.00 per thousand of coupons redeemed ($5.00/M). We will not pay for any administrative or consolidation fees or other upcharges that retailers or their agents may assess on or in lieu of these expenses.

5) Our actual count of coupons received, or that of our agent will be final and shall govern the payment of coupons under this Policy.

6) We reserve the right to deny reimbursement, retain and declare void any coupons presented for redemption when the following conditions occur: coupons show signs of misredemption; inability to verify retailer’s address or business operations; or redemptions that are not in accordance with this Coupon Redemption Policy. Further, we reserve the right to forward any such coupons to enforcement authorities for review.

7) Properly redeemed coupons must be submitted for reimbursement directly by the retailer or through an authorized clearinghouse only. Submission by unauthorized intermediary agents will not be accepted.

8) In the event a retailer payment is withheld, the retailer must appeal this decision within six (6) months of the date of the notification of non-payment.

9) Any inconsistent use of this Coupon Redemption Policy constitutes fraud and, in addition to other legal remedies at the option of PFR Corporate Gifts, LLC, may void all coupons submitted for reimbursement and coupons may be retained by us or our agent without payment. Failure to enforce any terms or conditions of this Policy shall not constitute waiver of such provision or any other provision by PFR Corporate Gifts, LLC

10) We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, and without prior notice to any party, to modify, revise or eliminate any of the provisions of this Coupon Redemption Policy.

11) Send properly redeemed coupons to:

PFR Corporate Gifts, LLC
CMS Dept. 97768
One Fawcett Drive
Del Rio, TX 78840


We guarantee prompt reimbursement for legitimate and properly redeemed coupons!

Address any questions to Jason Taylor, general manager, PFR Corporate Gifts, LLC at 801-569-2381.

Thanks for your cooperation!