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Why Gift Certificates Are Better Than Actual Turkeys

Many employers buy actual turkeys or hams as holiday employee gifts. What a hassle!! With our turkey or ham gift certificates, the employees are happier and your life is far easier.

Thinking about employee gifts for the holidays? Turkeys and hams are great corporate christmas gifts, and our gift certificates make holiday gift giving a snap!

Gift Certificates

  • More convenient for the employer: First, gift certificates as business gifts are more convenient for you. There is no need to worry about ordering, delivery, handling, storage, refrigeration, or distribution of real turkeys or hams. Ours is a simple paper certificate that can be handed out at work, included in a pay envelope, or distributed at the company Christmas party. There are no food safety concerns nor liability if someone accidently drops one on their foot! And we can provide overnight delivery if necessary, which would be impossible with large orders of actual turkeys or hams. Further, we offer 30-day credit terms, compared with the 10-15 days common among meat and poultry suppliers.
  • More convenient for the employee: Second, turkey or ham gift certificates as corporate holiday gifts are better for your employees. They don’t have to be concerned about storage, handling, or refrigeration. There is no need to carry a heavy frozen bird to the car or worry about it thawing on the way home. They can get the item, the brand, and the size that they want, when it’s most convenient for them, at their favorite supermarket. (Our gift certificates are good on any brand at any conventional grocery store in the U.S.) Isn’t this better than having to take whatever is handed to them at work even if it’s the wrong brand or the wrong size?

Just like actual turkeys or hams, our gift certificates qualify for the IRS de minimis exclusion, meaning the employee does not need to claim it as income, you don’t have to run in through Payroll, and you can claim the gift as a business expense.

Unlike cash or retailer gift cards, our gift certificates will be perceived by your employees as turkeys or hams, personal gifts carrying all the wonderful emotions of the holidays. Make your corporate holiday gift giving as simple and impactful as possible. Call us today at 801-569-2381 or visit our website at to place your order today.