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What Size of Gift Certificate Should You Buy?

Each of our gift certificates is good for one item UP TO the maximum dollar value stated on the certificate, and any unused value is forfeited.  For this reason we encourage our customers to be very careful about the dollar value they select:

During the holidays turkeys are used by supermarkets as “loss leaders”, meaning they are put on sale at feature prices often far below what they cost the store.  This helps draw customers into the store where they make up the loss on other items the shopper buys.  Average retail turkey features in November-December are $.69 to $.89/lb, meaning a $15.00 gift certificate could get a turkey 17-22 lbs, which would be sufficient for all but the largest family gatherings.

On the other hand, some of your employees may prefer a more expensive brand or an organic or free range turkey which is more expensive.  Or he might get his turkey after the holidays when they are not on sale.  In these cases a lower value certificate may be insufficient and the employee would need to pay the difference at the cash register.

So the size of certificate you select depends upon your own best judgement about the needs of your organization, your budget, and the preferences of your employees.  Our experience has been that most people will get the lower priced turkeys, and those who want a more expensive brand do not mind paying the difference.  So you may decide the highest value certificates are not appropriate for you.

In some cases it may be better to give two smaller value certificates instead of one large value; for example, two $10 certificates instead of one $20 certificate.