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Turkey or Ham Certificates – Better Than Retailer Gift Cards

Are employers misguided when they buy retailer gift cards as holiday gifts for their employees? Here’s a better option: Gift certificates for turkeys or hams. These are more personal, more emotionally impactful, they are good at ANY supermarket, and they are not taxable as income to the employee.

Our turkey or ham gift certificates have some very important, meaningful advantages over retailer gift cards as holiday corporate gifts:

More personal and emotionally impactful: They are perceived as a turkey or a ham rather than just cash. They are personalized with the company’s name as the giver, and if you wish they can be personalized with the recipient’s name (optional, no charge). Isn’t this better than the retailer gift card, which is just seen as extra cash?

Good at any grocery store in the USA: Our turkey or ham gift certificates can be redeemed at any conventional supermarket in the U.S., not just at the store that issues a retailer gift card. Isn’t this far more convenient?

Good on any brand: Our certificates are good on any brand and any variety the employee chooses. He’s not limited to just what a particular retailer offers.

Not taxable to the recipient: Finally, our turkey or ham gift certificates, contrary to retailer gift cards, qualify for the IRS de minimis exclusion, meaning they are not taxable to the employee as income, do not need to be run through Payroll, and may be deducted as a business expense by the employer. Retailer gift cards never qualify for the de minimis exclusion and must be declared as income.

More convenient for the employer: We can ship with one day’s lead time and offer 30-day credit terms. Credit cards are OK too. Just call us (801-569-2381) or go online ( to place your order.

So let the decision makers in your company know. We’re sure with all these advantages they will be quick to offer our turkey or ham gift certificates as corporate Christmas gifts this year.