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PFR Turkey Certificates vs. Norbest®

More Value for the Money

For the same price you can get a larger turkey with our program. This is because the Norbest certificate offers a maximum weight limit. So for example, at anticipated average retail turkey feature prices this holiday season between $.89 to $.99/lb, our $15 certificate (costing you $15.50) could get a 15-19 lb turkey, or larger if feature prices are lower, as they often are. In contrast, a comparable price for a Norbest turkey only certificate you couldn’t even purchase a 12 lb turkey certificate for that price (based on pricing on their website for a 12lb turkey ($19.00-$15.77 based on quanity purchased.) Norbest has also begun offering a dollar value certificate, but since their turkeys normally sell at premium prices, their certificates will get you less turkey per dollar.

Our value advantages continue with the following comparisons vs. Norbest:

 PFR Corporate Gifts, Inc.Norbest®
Gift Certificates offered:Choice of Turkey or Ham or an
assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables

Turkey (whole bird or breast)


Choice of Turkey or Ham

Beef Steaks
Turkey (whole bird only, by weight)

Their price per lb. on the turkey only option is $1.58 per lb.  (based on a purchase of their 12lb turkey only when buying 0-99)

Turkey, Ham, or Vegetables ($ off)
Brands accepted:Any brand - alwaysNorbest, or any brand if Norbest is unavailable
Where accepted:Any U.S. supermarketAny U.S. supermarket
Coupon maximum values:Your choice - any dollar amount

in $1 increments

(Prefered by supermarkets;

fewer redemption problems)
Turkey: sold by weight of turkey

(Confusing to supermarkets; more redemption problems)

Turkey/Ham/Vegetables: your choice of dollar amount in $5 increments
Lead time - Credit card orders:Can ship within 24 hours

(usually same day)

Have to wait for funds to clear and then

three to seven business days plus additional time

for shipping (information provided by their service center,

no information available on website)

Lead time - Orders paid by check:Can ship within 24 hours

(with a phone call)

Must wait several days for check to arrive

and funds to clearn and then three to seven

business days plus additonal time for shipping

(information provided by their service center,

no information available on website)

Lead time - Orders on account:Can ship within 24 hours

(usually same day)
Payment must be received before shipping.
Credit terms:Net 30 days

(no minimum order size)
NO CREDIT TERMS.  Payment must be received before shipping.
Personalized customer service:Always the personal touch

(Gift certificates are all we do!)
Big corporation

(Gift certificates a small portion of the business)