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Non-Holiday Events for Corporate Gifts

If you work in an office or have ever been to a corporate event, then you likely have received a corporate gift. A corporate gift is a gesture to employees and clients that is used to send a message of appreciation, strengthen relationships, or act as an incentive. 

Simple corporate gifts might include mugs, t-shirts, or keychains with the company’s logo on them, but studies have shown that most companies offer gift cards. Some of the most common types of gift cards and certificates are for dining and restaurants (49%) and retail shops (38%). 

Whatever type you choose to go with, it’s essential to know that these gifts work—and it all comes down to the psychology of gift-giving. 

Why Are Corporate Gifts Effective?

People like to be acknowledged and appreciated. A gift as simple as a gift certificate is an excellent way to offer appreciation and encouragement for both employees and clients in several ways, including:  

  • Thanks employees for their service, and clients for their business 
  • Motivates employees to continue providing service, and reminds clients to order for new product
  • Strengthens both employees’ and clients’ loyalty to the company

“Corporate gifts make employees feel appreciated—a huge issue with companies right now,” says Barb Hendrickson, a charter member of the Incentive Marketing Association (IMA). “Statistics have shown that most employees leave because they don’t feel appreciated.”

The statistics are real: 66% of employees said they would quit their job if they felt unappreciated. Similarly, vendors and clients are more likely to discontinue business if they feel like the company doesn’t care about them. 

Which Events Can You Use Corporate Gifts For?

Did you know that nearly half of all businesses give out corporate gifts during the holiday season? While this is an excellent way to say “thank you,” there is more than the obligatory holiday gift. 

“The holiday season is ironically the least effective time to give a gift,” says John Ruhlin, author of Giftology. “Be grateful and thankful year-round. Instead, wait until an unexpected time to give something memorable.”

The reason gifts are so ineffective around the holiday season? Because just about everybody is giving and receiving gifts around this time of year. In fact, nearly 70% of clients, customers, and partners felt more of a positive impact when given a corporate gift during milestones outside of the holidays!

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So while your company should still give gifts during the holiday season, you’re more likely to stick out among your employees and clients if you surprise them with a gift throughout the regular business year. Here are some major corporation events in which you could show appreciation and offer motivation to your employees and clients. 

Event #1: Seminars and Conferences

Seminars and conferences are similar, but seminars are usually educational workshops with interactive parts. Conferences may take several days and are multi-parted, with several speakers on various topics. Gifts can be incorporated easily by showing your appreciation for your employees’ and speakers’ attendance. 

Event #2: Retreats and Incentive Programs

Corporate retreats and incentive programs are one of the best ways to reward and motivate your employees. 

  • A retreat allows leaders and employees to take a break from their regular work schedule and helps the company remain attractive
  • An incentive program motivates the employees to continue their hard work with a reward

Corporate gifts can be used as a souvenir for the retreat and as a reward for the incentive programs.

Event #3: Appreciation Events  

Appreciation events are all about clients and employees. They are intended to acquire new customers, increase loyalty, and motivate employees. Some common events might be parties, dinners, or even award ceremonies for major corporations. Corporate gifts certainly have a place at an event like this and can be used as party favors or as part of the awards ceremony. 

Event #4: Company Milestones

When a company reaches a milestone—such as concluding a fiscal year or completing a goal—they might celebrate with a business dinner or party. With employees and clients in attendance, companies have the opportunity to celebrate current and future milestones, as well as show appreciation to their loyal clients for helping make it possible.

Corporate gifts are an excellent choice at an event like this. They are a great way to show clients and employees a level of appreciation for helping the company reach this important milestone. Gifts can also be used as an incentive to continue towards new goals. 

Event #5: Product Launch Events

Product launch events are for raising awareness and excitement about a company’s new product. Events may be celebrated in the form of dinners or parties. Typically, they’ll appeal to existing clients, but also allows for plenty of opportunities to gain new clients. By incorporating corporate gifts, you’ll instantly have party favors that can act as an incentive to new clients who may want to do business with the company.

Event #6: Board Meetings

Board meetings bring together the Board of Directors of an organization. They are given the opportunity to discuss new standards and goals for the company. They will also cover various important topics, such as: 

  • Last meeting’s concerns
  • Quarterly budgets
  • Relevant activities
  • Recent hires, promotions, or terminations within the company
  • Essential decision-making 

And although necessary, these meetings can get a little lengthy. Offering corporate gifts are an excellent way to show appreciation for a job well-done, and may inspire for an even better quarter. 


You might be familiar with the saying, “Actions speak louder than words.” 

Think of gift-giving as more than just a thought, but as an action. Corporate gifting has proven to be an effective way to strengthen existing relationships, gain new clients, and motivate employees for their excellent service. 

But it’s important to remember that the holidays aren’t the only time of the year that your clients and employees want to feel appreciated. Instead, be sure to show your gratitude throughout the year—especially at those mandatory events! 

If you’re considering rewarding your employees and clients for helping make your company what it is, then you’re on the right track. Gift cards and certificates for dining, restaurant, and retail experiences are among some of the most popular choices. The best part? One company covers it all: Perfect Feast Corporate Gifts specializes in turkey, ham, beef, and combination gift certificates from popular brands you know and love. Find the perfect gift certificate for any time of the year.