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Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

Gift-giving is a practice that goes back thousands of years. Corporate gift-giving traditions don’t go back quite so far, and the gifts given by a company to its employees or clients have a different meaning. These gifts are often used as incentive gifts for employees to build loyalty to the company and encourage better performance. The right corporate gifts help cement the relationship between the company and the recipient. This is true for employees, clients, and even business partners.
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Corporate gifts are viewed as promotional items by many, but there is one major difference. Unlike gifts that have your business logo and name printed on them, corporate incentive gifts are used to strengthen relationships. Ideally, they should be items that are useful, luxurious, and appropriate for people with different lifestyles. This is one reason that turkeys and hams have become a standard gift item.

Many companies have adopted giving holiday hams and turkeys as one of their basic corporate traditions. Today, making the right choice when it comes to meat types and presentation is more challenging for the company, especially for enterprise businesses. Obtaining, storing, and passing out even one type of meat is difficult. When you give your recipients a choice, it becomes an even more daunting task.

PFR Corporate Gifts transforms the tradition of giving turkeys and hams as corporate gifts into a cost-effective and easy solution. Our gift certificates offer you a broad range of choices without the work of handling the actual meat. Instead, you determine the amount and option of the gift certificate and the recipient decide what they want.

Some advantages of using our gift certificates instead of real hams or turkeys for employees or clients include:

  • Choosing the brand they want
  • Choosing whether they prefer fresh or frozen
  • The convenience of postponing their selection (for example, an employee might need this if he or she was traveling)
  • Entertaining family and friends with ease with a turkey or ham that doesn’t need to be thawed or prepared.

Our gift certificates are also a better choice for you. Most orders only require one business day lead time, so you don’t have to wait. Once they arrive, just put them in your employees’ pay envelope or a holiday greeting card. You never have to worry about the liability that comes from preparing and handling out cooked meats.

Thanksgiving Gifts

Most employees look forward to the long Thanksgiving holiday with their families. Offering Thanksgiving gifts for employees and their families is a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work. Our gift certificates are exceptional Thanksgiving gift ideas for employees for many reasons. We can create the gift certificates of your choice with a lead time of only one business day. You can hand them out in advance or right before Thanksgiving. Plus, grocery stores across the country accept our gift certificates, which makes it convenient to the employee, who can choose the turkey and/or ham of their choice at a place and time that is convenient for them.

Our gift certificates are thoughtful gifts for office staff who work hard all year to keep your business going. There’s no better way to show your appreciation than by giving gifts to employees for Thanksgiving that they can use and enjoy. Give them a special treat that makes their holiday even more enjoyable.

Our Thanksgiving gift cards for employees make it more convenient to enjoy their gift when it’s best for them. If they already have their holiday planned, they can pick up their ham or turkey to enjoy after the holiday is over. Ham and turkey make any meal more special!

Bulk Christmas Gifts

Our gift certificates make buying bulk Christmas gifts for staff a lot more personal! Bosses often find it difficult to come up with suitable Christmas gift ideas for employees. The more employees you have, the more difficult it can be to find the right solution.

Companies have been giving turkeys and hams as gifts to employees for Christmas for a long time. Although these meats are typically ordered and purchased from a company that specializes in these products, the company still has the job of storing and delivering them to each employee. If not handled in the right manner, it can lead to employee illness and business liability.

Our Christmas gift cards for employees are a much more practical way of giving turkeys and hams as corporate gifts. You simply pass out the cards when it’s convenient, and the rest is up to the employee. You also choose the maximum amount of the gift certificate so you pay what you can afford. The employee often gets more than the amount listed on their gift certificate because grocery store prices are often lower than the price of a custom-prepared ham or turkey.

Buying Christmas presents for employees doesn’t have to take a lot of your time or worry. Our gift certificates make the perfect Christmas gifts for office staff, employees, clients, business partners, and more!

Gift Certificates

Our gift certificates offer simple solutions for corporate gifts. Choose a gift certificate as a stand-alone item or add to a gift basket to make a real impression. We have gift certificates for turkeys, hams, beef steaks, or for the recipient’s choice in meats. We also have gift certificates for a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables for your employees who are vegetarians.

When you order our gift certificates, you choose any whole-dollar maximum value between $10 and $30. Your total cost is just $.50 more than the maximum amount you choose. If you’re afraid that gift certificates for hams or turkey aren’t personal enough, view the printed certificates on our website. These include your company name, which leads to a much more personal feel.

Our ham and turkey gift certificates give you and your employees more options. You choose the type of meat and the dollar amount you want to spend. They choose when and where to use the gift certificate and get the frozen, fresh, or sliced meat they want.

It’s never too early to start planning for the next big holiday or company event. Contact us today to place your order for the gift certificates that your employees will love!