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Compare Our Turkey or Ham Gift Certificates to Norbest®

Our turkey or ham gift certificates offer many advantages vs the Norbest turkey gift certificate program.

More value for the money

For the same price, you can get a larger turkey with our program.  This is because the Norbest certificate, instead of having a maximum dollar value like ours, has a maximum weight limit.  So for example, at anticipated average retail turkey feature prices this holiday season between $.69 – $.89/lb, our $15 certificate (costing you $16) could get a 17-22 lb turkey.  In contrast, a comparable price for a Norbest certificate would only get you a 12-14 lb turkey.

Greater variety and flexibility

We offer certificates for turkey, ham, and a combo turkey-or-ham certificate good on either.  We also have certificates for beef steaks.  Our turkey and combo certificates are good on turkeys or turkey breasts, while the Norbest certificate is only good on whole turkeys.

Greater acceptance by supermarkets

Our maximum dollar value certificates are preferred by retailers, resulting in fewer redemption problems and more willing acceptance.

More size options

You can choose any maximum value between $10 and $30, in whole dollar increments, offering more options to fit your needs and budget than Norbest, which offers only seven options (2 lb increments 12-24 lbs).

Uniform pricing

Our certificates are priced the same regardless of payment method, while you would pay Norbest 3% more if you paid via credit card.

Good on any brand

Ours are always good on any brand at any supermarket.  The Norbest certificate is good on other brands only where Norbest is unavailable.

Better credit terms

We offer 30-day credit terms, with no minimum order size.  Norbest offers only 15-day terms with a $1,000 minimum.

Rapid response

We always ship within one business day, usually the same day.  Norbest requires payment in hand or approved credit, which often takes 2-3 days.

Norbest® is a registered trademark of Norbest, Inc.