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PFR Corporate Gifts: Better than Actual Turkeys or Hams

Better than Actual Turkeys or Hams

More convenient for the employer:

  • No need to worry about ordering, delivery, handling, storage, refrigeration, or distribution of real turkeys/hams.
  • Simple paper certificate that is easy to handle, store, and distribute.
  • May be handed out in pay envelopes.
  • Only one business day lead time required, which would be impossible with large orders of turkeys or hams.
  • No food safety or liability concerns.
  • We offer 30-day credit terms vs the 10-15 days common among meat and poultry suppliers.

More convenient for the employee:

  • Good on any brand.
  • Good on any variety (fresh, frozen, whole, portions, sliced, etc.)
  • Recipient selects the turkey or ham he prefers at the time and place that are most convenient.

Substantial pricing advantage vs actual turkeys or hams:

  • Average holiday retail turkey feature prices are expected to be low – $.79 to $.99/lb. So our $15 certificate, for example, could get a turkey 15-19 lbs, or even larger if feature prices are lower, as they often are.
  • On the other hand, wholesale frozen turkey prices could be over $1.10/lb. The same size turkey could cost you over $20, plus your own handling costs.