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How to Celebrate a Work Anniversary: 25 Employee Anniversary Gift Ideas

Part of fostering a healthy company culture is finding every chance to rejoice and recognize your company’s accomplishments. A fantastic way to do this is to celebrate employee work anniversaries. When arranged just right, it can become a tradition that refreshes employee engagement and job satisfaction. It will help improve their well-being and make a huge difference in reducing employee turnover and burnout.

And what’s the best way for you to celebrate work anniversaries for employees? Send them thoughtful and valuable work anniversary gifts, such as gift certificates from Perfect Feast. Our gift provides your team member with delicious, high-quality foods, but also saves your company money as they are tax-free.

Of course, our certificates are just one of many work anniversary gifts you can send to employees to show appreciation for their hard work and long-term dedication to your company’s values. Below, we run down many more gifts that will strongly show recognition of your team members’ achievements.

25 Ideas for Giving Work Anniversary Gifts

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There are innumerable work anniversary gift ideas you can come up with, which makes it difficult to figure out which is just right. To help you determine the perfect anniversary gifts for employees in your business, here are 25 ideas for how to celebrate an employee’s work anniversary:

1) Gift an Employee a Certificate for Delicious Turkey or Ham

A simple but practical idea for any work anniversary, gift certificates for high-quality meat allow employees to enjoy the rewards of their dedication whenever they feel like it. It’s also a gift that they can share and enjoy with their friends and loved ones.
In addition to meat, Perfect Feast also offers general grocery gift certificates for employees that follow vegan or vegetarian diets, allowing them to purchase their choice of fruits and vegetables from their favorite markets as well.

2) Celebrating Work Anniversaries with a Personalized Gift

Another idea is to send a custom-made gift to an employee for their work anniversary. Make them feel valued as part of the team by giving a personalized piece of company swag, such as a nice polo, T-shirt, or hoodie printed with the company logo as well as their name.

3) Provide a Meaningful Gift: A Charitable Donation

Yet another idea for an employee’s work anniversary gift would be to donate to a charity of their choice. This will show that as members of the same company, you’re both committed to the same causes along with the same workplace goals.

4) Give a Gift Card to a Favorite Local Coffee Shop

An employee anniversary gift with a personal touch, a gift card from their favorite coffee shop shows they’re a close member of your team and that you care about their individual interests. You could even go a step further and include a bag of their preferred coffee grounds or beans.

5) Share a Personalized Message Across the Company’s Social Media

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Include employee recognition and encouragement as part of your employee’s work anniversary gift. For example, on the day of their workaversary, you can give them a shout-out on each of the company’s social media accounts. Include messages of praise and appreciation from their co-workers and thankful clients.

6) Invite Employees to a Work Anniversary Dinner

Another excellent gift idea is to bring your team together at a local restaurant or team member’s home and have a dinner party in honor of an employee’s work anniversary.
This could be an excellent informal setting filled with chats, laughs, and lots of open-ended conversation, but then end the night on a toast to honor your employee’s hard work. This can be one of the best ideas on how to celebrate work anniversary parties for your employees, as it will make remind them of how valued they are at your company.

7) Among the Best Employee Anniversary Gifts: A Great Parking Spot

A subtle but impactful gift for a long-time employee, the closest parking spot to the entrance ensures they enjoy additional comfort, ease, and accessibility whenever they arrive or leave the office. Along with other gifts, it’s an excellent little perk that is sure to satisfy any employee on their workiversary.

8) Send Remote Employees a Nice Care Package

With the increasing number of employees working from home, this is one gift idea that will surely surprise your team member on their work anniversary. Fill their anniversary care package with small but inspirational gifts like a personalized notebook, fancy office pens, espresso coffee or gourmet tea, and other pick-me-ups that will help them continue being the distant but impactful team member they are.

9) Offer Team Members an Online Course of Their Choice

An online course is a work anniversary gift that shows an employee your company’s attentiveness and support for their self-development. It could be one or several courses and could involve subjects connected to their personal interests or professional certifications courses that will help them further their career goals and make them a more valuable asset to your company.

10) Create Peer Recognition Through the Company Newsletter

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Another excellent gesture for employees on their work anniversary is to create awareness and recognition of their achievements via a company-wide newsletter. Create an infographic with a fun picture along with some kind words about their accomplishments and strengths.

11) Provide Free Lunch from a Great Local Restaurant

Pick a place that fits their personal diet and preferences and surprise your employee with a fresh, delicious lunch from a local spot. Make it a team outing with each employee celebrating their teammate and enjoying a fun afternoon together.

12) Upgrade Their Office Space on an Employee’s Work Anniversary

A much-appreciated anniversary gift for an employee would be to update their workspace with new office furniture or equipment. This could include a new computer, desk, office chair, shelves, and other accouterments that enhance their office.

13) Give Public Recognition of Achievements in Their Professional Life

Whether they’ve finished their first year or their fiftieth, giving an employee recognition for their achievements and how far they’ve come professionally is always a good gift during work anniversary celebrations. You can have their team lead give a speech at an office gathering, or have the local paper publish a round of interviews, with co-workers discussing their dedication and hard work.

14) Grant Stock Options for a Longtime Employee’s Anniversary

Employee loyalty should be rewarded, especially for one who’s worked for your company for many years. If it is possible to arrange with management, consider gifting a longtime employee with stock options in your company. It is a strong way to show how your company truly trusts and esteems them for all their years of hard work.

15) Commission Art Displaying Employee Milestones

A Cairn representing work life balance and career milestones(Image source)

A great gift idea would be to have a skilled painter or digital artist produce an image showing a representation of your employee’s journey working for the company. It can act as both a keepsake as well as a source of creative inspiration.

16) Host Work Anniversary Parties at the CEO’s House

For smaller, more tight-knit companies, having the boss invite everyone over to celebrate both your employees’ work anniversaries and the shared success of the company is a great way to show how to celebrate a work anniversary where you display appreciation and build stronger bonds as a team.

17) Schedule a Career Planning Session as a Work Anniversary Gift

Another excellent idea would be to set up an appointment for your loyal employee with a professional career coach. This shows you not only appreciate their hard work but also that the company is invested in their professional development and actively seeks to help them succeed.

18) Send an Appreciative Handwritten Note

These days, few things are ever handwritten, making any letter or note that is distinct and unique. Writing and sending an employee such a letter for their work anniversary — especially if it is sent from their manager, CEO, or the heads of their department — is a tremendous token of appreciation.

19) Express Gratitude With a Sweet Treat From a Bakery or Confectioner

Whether they are gourmet cupcakes, doughnuts, or other confections, celebrating a teammate’s work anniversary with their favorite dessert is always a great way to show gratitude for all the work they do.

20) Impart a One-Year Work Anniversary Award with a Natural Creative Spark

Bamboo shoots as an idea for a unique employee gift(Image Source)

Particularly for employees completing their first year at the company, a fun, creative anniversary gift would be a bamboo plant. Not only would it add some fresh, vivid greenery to their desk space, but it would also serve as a symbol of their strong and inevitable growth at your company.

21) Celebrate Work Anniversaries at a Company Retreat

As a great change of pace and an excellent reward for service, host a company retreat at a nearby park or another venue. During the opening proceedings, you can congratulate many employees on their work anniversaries and share gifts with them there. This allows you to show appreciation for your employees and celebrate their hard work and dedicated service in person.

22) Gift a Subscription to a Team Member on Their Work Anniversary

A simple and effective anniversary gift that can go a long way, consider gifting a premium subscription to your employee’s favorite app. This is best for those team members who enjoy listening to audiobooks or jazz music while they work, showing your awareness of their preferences as well as helping them stay productive and satisfied.

23) One of the Best Gifts to Give Employees: A Day Off

Yet another simple, great example of employee anniversary gifts — a day off on their work anniversary. This lets them celebrate by themselves or with their loved ones and is just one easy way to show your appreciation for all the work they do.

24) Foster Employee Recognition by Taking Them Out with Co-Workers

Scheduling a fun group activity or meet-up outside of work is another great anniversary gift you can give to an employee. At the event, their teammates can share grateful anecdotes about them and they can all celebrate the employee’s achievements together.

25) Create a Personalized Employee Appreciation Video

Another great employee anniversary gifts idea is to create an employee appreciation video that is shared on their work anniversary. It’s a fun, quick way for managers and teammates to show their gratitude and share direct personal messages with your employee, even if they work remotely.

Celebrate Work Anniversaries with Perfect Feast Gift Certificates

There are so many ways to reward employees when celebrating anniversaries of their commitment to your company, whether they’ve completed their first year or their first decade. Giving employees a gift certificate from Perfect Feast is a great, easy way for a company of any size to show their many employees how much they acknowledge their hard work.
Our gift certificates aren’t merely for groceries but are for delicious foods like fresh turkey, ham, and beef steak. They also cover vegetarian and vegan choices as well, as they can help pay for organic veggies and fruits from a wide variety of stores and markets. If you want to make your numerous employees feel surprised and appreciated, consider Perfect Feast gift certificates today.