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Best Practices for Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts Overview

Every company, regardless of its size or the industry in which it operates, should have a reasonable plan for corporate gifts.  Corporate gifts are an art, not a science.  But gift-giving principles and challenges are easy to master.  The purpose of this brief article is to help you develop an appropriate plan for your company.

Tax Implications of Gift Certificates as Employee Gifts

Cash gifts and many gift certificates are considered taxable income that must be reported when used as employee gifts.  But some gift certificates are exempt under the IRS de minimis rule.  This article describes the difference, and how your employee gifts can not only be non-taxable for employees but may also be deductible as a non-wage business expense by the employer.

Taking Advantage of High Emotional Value in Holiday Employee Gifts

The most effective holiday employee gifts, with the highest ROI (in terms of enhanced employee relationships and goodwill), are those that provide emotional value beyond the dollar value of the gift.  In fact, some of the best corporate gifts have a very small dollar value but generate powerful positive emotions that make them very impactful.  This article describes how CEO’s and Human Resource managers can take advantage of high emotional value in holiday gift giving to maximize ROI.

Gift Certificates as Holiday Promotional Incentives

Some of the most effective consumer promotions around the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter holidays may be those that include promotional incentives with high emotional value.  In fact, the best holiday promotional incentives could have a relatively small dollar value as long as they generate enough positive emotions to make them impactful.  This brief article describes how your business can attract more consumers and maximize ROI by using gift certificates with high emotional value as promotional incentives.